So you have landed on this blog. Given its title and its home in the Adora Foundation, I am willing to bet you are the kind of person I would enjoy meeting. So feel at home, have a look and enjoy a few choice morsels from this week's harvest of social innovation tools, trends, ideas and trajectories. 

This week, the dishes I have been sampling are crowd-sourcing canapé, followed by a crowd-funding steak seasoned with a touch of social media. And cool tools for pudding. Corkboards included.

Try a bit and take some home to share. We all need good fare in our travels. Good luck with your adventures, and see you next week I hope! Mi casa es tu casa. My home is your home.

Ismael Velasco

Founder and CEO

Thinking Aloud...

Cafe Rouge, a latte each, a world of questions from our new campaigns manager: innovation follows. A step change for us. Give me a good question over a good answer any time. Answers are generally temporary staging points, questions give us a route.



  • Great advice: 12 Secrets for Success in Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurs ("A successful campaign should have at least 50-60% of funds committed before the campaign launches.") - Forbes | 
  • Kickstarter crowd funding stats: since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has hosted more than 76,000 projects. About 32,000 of them, or 44 percent, have been successfully funded, with a total of $345 million raised. that 56 percent fail to raise the funds they need. Includes how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Beyond Kickstarter: an excellent overview of crowd funding platforms
  • Meanwhile a single video game has crowd funded $3 million
  • Crowd Funding Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance Launched by UC Berkeley 


Social Media

This Week's Cool Tools

Thinking Aloud...

An incredible team gathers around our new venture. Global influencers, young graduates, professional volunteers, a budding staff team, senior advisers, and a firm and growing community of friends and well-wishers. I think they are drawn by a human warmth in the idea and a quiet intuition that we're onto something big, that might really make a difference to the world.

As I watch, I marvel at the way one compelling idea has the power to instantly connect and mobilise hearts, when shared with humility, infectious enthusiasm and credible conviction. As creativity, receptivity and affinity coincide in ever widening circles, big ideas, it seems to me, grow wings, and acquire the capacity to become a social force. Right now, at the Adora Foundation, we all feel it in our veins.