Suicide Prevention: How absolutely anyone can make a genuine life and death difference

Suicide Prevention

How absolutely anyone can make a genuine life and death difference without selling the house (or the kids), becoming an expert, a superhero, or giving up online gaming, skinny dipping or Haribos: Or...why suicide prevention is possible. And right next to you.

This is why I'm passionate about this: One person kills themselves every 40 seconds somewhere in the world. One just di...d. One million per year. More than all wars and violent crimes. Put together. Think Syria, Ciudad Juarez, Iraq, Afghanistan, Washington, Cali, Somalia, Congo. Add them up (creepy but insightful). Nowhere near. 1 million every year. Imagine if someone told you 5 million people would die in the coming five years and we could stop it. They will. We can.

It is the third most frequent cause of death of young people in the planet. Think about it.

And no one knows this!!!


No pharmaceutical money to be made? So no publicity or investment? Taboo? An alien mind beam from Betelgeuse?

And it is preventable. And it is linked to the heart and the spirit. Solve suicide and you solve so many problems. If we can turn hopelessness into hope on such a massive scale, what energies do we release? What changes do we empower? What impasses do we overcome?

And on average 20 attempts are made compared to suicide. That means someone is trying to kill themselves every 2 seconds. And how many who are not trying right now, are right now meditating about it, having suicidal ideation, are wanting to? In the US an estimate is 61 times as many as kill themselves. Globally, that would mean that 1 in every hundred of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances will want to kill themselves in every single year. And we don't talk about it. Do you?

The good news is that it doesn't always take masses to help. That research shows hope is the biggest preventative attitude. That a climate of hope can make a difference, and we can all create that in our little corner. That feeling few reasons to live is a key risk factor according to studies - so love is our greatest protection. The deeper the love we share with one another, the stronger one another's reasons to stay for each other. More good news is that simply building trust in each other will increase the chances of sensing when a friend needs help, or feeling able to ask for help ourselves when we need it.

And because it's everywhere, and it is invisible, the good news is you can make a difference anywhere, all the time, simply by the way you live and love, and one of those one hundred people you meet in the next month, might find a breakthrough in a tiny act of kindness from you, even if you do not know.

It is not cancer, or AIDS, or war, or famine. You don't need to be a scientist, a millionaire, an aid worker to make a difference. You just need to be the best you already are inside yourself, educate yourself on healthy coping strategies for when you or friends are in crisis, cultivate loving bonds and hope, during your strong moments, firm enough to keep you going when times get tough, as they will, before they get inwardly abundant, as they will - and spread this vision in your daily life.

We have an epidemic of hopelessness, and powerful, reasoned, felt, believed in, lived hope can transform it. All it takes is you to turn the tide. In your little corner. And forget the statistics. Imagine saving a single life! And of someone you know. How amazing would that be, whatever happens elsewhere? And even if you don't find out... chances are one day, of simply living, loving, hoping, and educating yourself and others on effective practical ways of living with crisis, you WILL save a life. You might be doing so even now, even though you can't even guess whose. Isn't that amazing, beautiful, and mysterious?

May the wind blow gently on your back.