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Current Projects

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Innovation Interventions

Our partnership work has taken a qualitative leap as we continue the behind the scenes research and development for our flagship venture in mass mobilisation through social media, with further planning and discussions with Web 2.0 platforms and, with award-winning global communications company Anderton & Boyd; top mathematical whiz consultants Quantitative Support Services; Bloomsbury Books; the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC); Earth Charter International; University of Brighton, Triodos Bank, a host of grassroots organisations, business leaders, and more. It is the most exciting, scalable innovation in our vision.

In Geneva (Switzerland) we were the only non-Red Cross organisation invited to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Global Strategic Meeting to take stock of the Red Cross movement's international work in the areas of violence prevention, gender, and peer education. Representatives from Red Cross Societies from all 5 continents were there, bringing truly inspirational stories and fascinating challenges. The Adora Foundation was invited to advice in the field of values-based evaluation, drawing on our cutting edge work in connection with the WeValue consortium.

Drawing on the Adora Foundation's expertise in arts-based interventions, we also delivered a powerful professional storytelling performance of a true story around the theme of suicide prevention, compassion, resilience, captivity, and transformational hope. It led to a promising high-level discussion on a possible global suicide prevention campaign, acknowledging that according to the World Health Organisation more people die of suicide than from war and violent crime combined (1 person every 47 seconds), yet nobody knows about it. We hope very much this campaign will happen, as suicide is preventable and the Red Cross is in a unique position to provide leadership on this vital and alarmingly neglected issue. 

The Adora Foundation has also been commissioned an impact-study of the ground-breaking Youth as Agents of Behaviour Change programme, one of the most powerful examples of peer education we have come across in the world.

We had advisory talks at the highest levels of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, including the Heads of the Principles and Values, Humanitarian Diplomacy, Communications, Administration, and Organisational Development sections. Inspiring, humbling and promising, all at once. Watch this space.

Finally, building on our arts and innovation programme, we were invited to have concept discussions with a wonderful comedian of international stature in the area of challenging fundamentalism - both secular and religious. It was a wonderfully creative experience, and a marvellous vehicle for generating fundamental discussions on a massive scale bypassing the far less dynamic formal panels and discussions. The performance was high profile, compelling and impactful, and we will be continuing our advisory collaboration with this inspiring artist.

Conceptual innovation

We are excited that the Adora Foundation has been invited to submit a book proposal for major international publisher on the theme of social innovation, globalisation, participation and the Network Society. A big project, but one we are ready to take on.

Along similar lines innovation based  research articles by Adora Foundation's founder and CEO, Ismael Velasco, have recently been published or are imminently due in top-tier, high impact factor academic journals, including: Action Research, the Journal of Business Ethics, and Evaluation & Programme Planning.

Best Practice

20 organisations participated in the Adora Foundation's Making the Invisible Visible: An Introduction to Soft-Outcomes Evaluation workshop introducing a cutting edge approach co-developed with 2000 participants, in 147 organisations in 61 countries. They included specialists in international development, a grass-roots support project for sex-workers, a university sociologist, European Union recycling programme experts, a school attainment programme for the most ethnically diverse school in Bristol, UK, a campaigning organisation for inclusive education, a health centre working on behaviour change, an arts based social marketing company,and more. Our colleague and co-author Gemma Burford, a Research Fellow from Brighton University added energy and depth. 

In Bern (Switzerland) the Adora Foundation participated in a technical seminar hosted by the Swiss Foreign Affairs Department's Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), on evaluating the outcomes of policy influencing work at the intergovernmental and diplomatic level. We contributed our expertise in soft-outcomes evaluation and were impressed by the contributions of our colleagues from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Fund for Agriculture and Development (IFAD), and the fascinating Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) think tank.

In January we will be running a training day showcasing a unique approach to peer education using non-cognitive methods piloted in 107 countries with a highly successful record in behaviour change. We will also run one showcasing the innovative use of the Business Canvas technique to help non-profits transition from grant funding to social enterprise.

Our Ideas Donors

Below are the names of all the wonderful thinkers and makers and doers whose ideas have fed the constantly evolving vision and practice of the Adora Foundation. Whatever we achieve, we achieved together.

Innovation Champions

Augusto Lopez-Claros, Director of Global Indicators and Analysis with the World Bank Group. Former Chief Economist at Davos/the World Economic Forum (USA)

Roy Steiner, Deputy Director at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Arthur Dahl, President, International Environment Forum, and former Deputy Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (Switzerland)

Shobha Das, Director of Programmes at Minority Rights Group International

Alison Hope, Principal at Hope Philanthropic (UK)

Elaine Flint, Director at Social Enterprise Works (UK)

Graham Miller, Chairman of Equity Investment Committee at Triodos Bank (UK)

Sin Ellas No Estamos Todos - Mothers advocating on behalf of their dissappeared daughters, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Abu Jalloh, National Youth Officer at Sierra Leone Red Cross, Child Soldier Advocacy Reintegration Project (Sierra Leone) 

Alicia Jimenez, Project Coordinator, Earth Charter Secretariat (Costa Rica)

Innovation Consultants

Kit Bigelow, American Society of International Law, 2011 National Award from the International Religious Liberty Association

Rob Richley, Partner, Westword Communications (UK)

Liz Mitchell, Choreographer, Movementor

Innovation Partners

Katrien Beekman, Head of Department of leading INGO (Switzerland)

Clare Daly, Bloomsbury Institute, Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)

Arabella Tresilian, Founder Director, The Therapeutic Media Company (UK)

Zainab Hassan, Founder, Growthvantage Limited (UK)

Professor Marie Harder, Brighton University (UK); 1000 Talents Professor at Fudan University (China)

Hannah Brennan, Internal Recruiter at RSG (UK)

June Burrough Founder Director, Pieran Center (UK)